Aesthetical dentistry – aesthetical face analysis

The way to the perfect smile!

The complete analysis of the face is an essential part of the latest aesthetical treatments before the treatment.

Our surgery follows the American system (the aesthetical protocoll), establishing a new standard.

Not only is a complete treatment plan based on the state of the teeth and the gingiva but we also analyse the different parameters of lips and face to make your smile perfect.

  • Ceramic shells: Restoration, form and colour correction of the front teeth by ceramic shells, gingiva and bone correction operations.
  • Procera: the perfect ceramic restoration since 2002, for the first time in
  • Perfectly functional and aesthetical inlays both on the front and rear teeth with the most modern composition filling materials.
  • Porcelain, high durity plastic, golden and golden ceramic inlays.
  • First class quality porcelain, metal ceramic crowns, bridges, to which the teeth are prepared with special concentric shoulder. Since they are prepared under microscope the gingiva inflammation caused by the crown can be prevented.
  • UDA and CWB system and usage of special fibreglass, in case of lack of tooth bridge done without smoothening the conterminous teeth.