HealOzone – for gentle caries treatment


  • No pain
  • No drilling
  • No adverse reactions and secondary symptoms

Didn’t you always wish you could say these three catchphrases to your patients before their treatment?
This is now possible with HealOzone, a new therapy concept for caries removal.

With fissure caries, smooth surface caries and also approximal and cervical aries, HealOzone is your first choice from now on. And so your patients’ anxiety with regard to a visit to the dentist, the drilling noise and the drilling sensation is also a thing of the past.

Because HealOzone is different. It stands for gentle caries treatment.

And HealOzone keeps its promise, because studies from Ireland have shown that, in 99% of patients treated with HealOzone, the caries have declined without drilling and the treated teeth have substantially remineralized and become more resistant to caries.


ÓzonfogászatWhat Is Healozone?

Healozone is a device that delivers Ozone in a controlled manner for use in Dental procedures.

Healozone® is a Dental device that produces and delivers Ozone for treatment in Dentistry.

Healozone converts oxygen into Ozone.

The ozone is then pumped through a tube and a handpiece with special silicone cups. This provides an airtight seal.

There absolutely no sensation as the ozone gently bathes the infected area. In twenty seconds, 99.9% of the caries (decay) producing bacteria are eliminated. The ozone is pumped away, broken down into oxygen again-and the tooth is caries-free without pain. It is as simple as that.


Ozone for use in Dentistry was developed by Professor Edward Lynch and Aylin Baysan. The original research was initiated at The Royal London Hospital, London, and now at Queens University, Belfast, N. Ireland. Research is still on going with a team based at the Queens University.

Curozone Inc., Canada, developed the Healozone. This took several years to perfect and obtain the European CE marking.

The first units were made available to sixteen “pathfinder” dentists and later extended to 100.

KaVo, Germany, one of the largest and most reputable international dental companies is supporting Healozone. They will also be responsible for maintenance and support to ensure the ongoing high quality of the units.

Up to now, there has been no way to eliminate decay, apart from mechanical removal usually with the use of a dental drill.

The new technology uses the direct application of ozone to the tooth surface in a controlled manner through the use of the HealOzone Ozone Delivery hand piece.

Ozone gives us a new technology to eliminate the bacteria that cause decay, thus halting the decay process. Once the bacteria have been eliminated, the treated surface can be restored, or left to re-mineralise.

The procedure takes about 25 seconds per tooth. A special hand piece is used to flood the decayed tooth surface with ozone. Decay-forming bacteria are killed in this process.

After this ‘normal’ bacteria types will re-grow over the clean surface, and minerals from special mouth rinses and saliva are absorbed into the tooth surface. As there is now a balance between mineral loss and mineral re-absorption by the tooth surface, the net effect is to re-mineralise the previous area of decay.

This treatment is ideal for children and adults!

The cavity can be sealed or restored at a later appointment if necessary or for cosmetic reasons.

Should you have any question concerning the HealOzozne method feel free to contact us.