Fogfehérítés: ZOOM!


ZOOM! is an advanced UV-based tooth-whitening system that brightens your smile quickly, safely and effectively.

What is tooth-whitening?

It is a system that is able to remove discolouration both from the inner and outer layers of the teeth.

Who can have tooth-whitening?

Almost everybody, but there are some cases when this treatment is not recommended,in that case an extensive dental check-up is advisable.

Who is it recommended for?

For those who wish to have visible result by a quick, intensive, one-time treatment. Presently ZOOM! is a market leader as the highest intensity and longest duration method of tooth whitening. We recommend it to you, who can afford to choose this quick treatment that makes your smile competitive with Hollywood stars.

Is the procedure safe?

YES! A series of clinical tests and studies prove that hydrogene peroxide treatment is the safest dental and aesthetic method.

How does the system work?

The ZOOM! whitening procedure takes a little bit more than half an hour. First some jelly-like substance is applied on the surface of the teeth then it is treated by UV-light 3 times, for 20 minutes each. As a result hidrogen peroxide is activated and the active oxigen removes discolouration from both the surface and the inner layers of the teeth. The treatment is followed by the application of a protecting film on the teeth.

This procedure will make your teeth look naturally white ang bright.

It is not recommended to eat or drink anything that contains colouring agents ( coffee, cigarette) for 3 days after the treatment. In that case the efficiency of the treatment is not guaranteed.

Are there side-effects?

Only a few patients experienced some sensitivity during the treatment, but these symptoms always disappear in 1-3 days.

How long does the result last?

Fogfehérítés: ZOOM!Teeth in all cases get whiter but a lot depends on lifestyles. If the patient has coffee several times a day, or they are heavy smokers, a follow-up treatment is advised 1-2 times a year, which takes only one or two days.

Is the procedure safe?

YES! A series of clinical tests and studies prove that hydrogen peroxide treatment is the safest dental and aesthetic method.

What is the difference between ZOOM! and other whitening methods that do not require the dentist’s contol?

With whitening methods that does not require the dentist’s control (e.g. tooth whitening creams, patches, solutions) we can only achieve an impovement of some shades in many months’ time.

The clinically developed ZOOM! system guarantees about 6-11 times brighter and even shade of whiteness in just one hour.

Should you have any question concerning the ZOOM! method feel free to contact us.